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Hi, my name is Florita. I would like to welcome you on my world-wind culinary & travelling adventures with my dear family.

Before I give you my background, I would like to outline my two simple, but key goals for this blog;

1) Give you all an insight into creating TASTY & BOLD flavoured but HEALTHY dishes, the whole family can enjoy.

As obvious as it may sound, most of the dishes I include here will have Indian / Asian influence as my palate is used to rich and spicy dishes since I was a kid. Saying that, if there is a dish I really liked on my travels or a night out, I will come home and try them and I will adjust spice level and flavours to suit my palate. I am a working mum, currently on maternity leave, so I know the importance of having quick meal recipes in hand during the week nights and at the same time I love entertaining so I have included recipes for get togethers as well. I always look for ways to cook my meals healthy, either through specific cooking method or alternative choices of food.


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2) Share our wonderful travel experience around the world.

We love travelling and we have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places but since having kids, we have to research our travel destinations carefully and pre plan most of our itineraries. We want the kids to experience different culture, food and people, wherever they go. My daughter has been travelling with us since she was 4 months old and now our son has joined the pack. We are amazed at how much information my daughter absorbs at each destinations with regards to different languages and cultures and how she adopts herself to suit the environment. Her knowledge grows, each time we travel and I hope we will have more opportunities to travel with my son too. Hopefully, we will be able to pass on as much tips and pointers on the do’s & don’ts.


Back to me:

About me


Now, back to me, I was born in Sri Lanka and moved to UK when I was a teenager with my family. As a family, our world revolves around food and travel. Entertaining and family time gravitates around good wholesome Food. My biggest food inspirations are my parents & grandmother. As a child and even now, the food they create is full of skills passed down through the generations. In short, food is not just sustenance but an art-form that I love to create, refine and most importantly EAT. During the day, I am a financial analyst in Central London doing the caged-hen train commute. Like everyone, I look forward to the end of the day when I get to collect my eldest from her nursery and find out what exciting things she has been up to. I love my family time together at our dinner table as we only have such a short time to sit together before preparing for bed.

I started this blog, after plenty of persuasion from my family and friends. I finally started to sit down and documenting the dishes I prepare at home, I suppose, its better late than never. The menu and cuisines I feature here are worldwide but during the busy week nights, I generally target dishes that are quick, easy & tasty with limited prep work. Other recipes are more for the weekends where time isn’t as critical and you can enjoy preparing meals with a glass (or a bottle) of wine surrounded by your loved ones. I will give you tips on how you can prepare some dishes in advance, which makes it easier to cook the meal when you have limited time.


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Looking forward to sharing my adventure with you!




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