District Mot, Vietnamese Restaurant in London

District Mot, Vietnamese Restaurant in London

District Mot is a Vietnamese restaurant in London, based in Leytonstone


When you are out and about with two young kids (a toddler and a baby in my case), its always hard to find a restaurant that is big enough to accommodate young kids, their prams and luggage, especially in London. Real estate is so expensive in London, all the restaurants tend to max out the space with tables and chairs to accommodate as many people as possible to keep them floating.


We heard about District Mot Vietnamese restaurant in London, a few times, and wanted to check it out when we were out and about in East London for dinner. First impression from outside of the restaurant was that it looked modern, clean and inviting, which is always a good sign. There are so many times I stood in front of the restaurant and refused to go in because of the way they looked. I know people say, don’t judge the book by it’s cover but unfortunately it applies very much to a restaurant. FIRST IMPRESSION ALWAYS COUNT!


District Mot decor with traditional tricycle


We opened the door and walked in and I stood there still and gasped out the words WOW!!! I loved the artwork on the walls everywhere in the room and the traditional tricycle and the Vietnamese straw hat. It was a nice touch to bring Vietnam to London; minimalist touches to suit the casual dining experience and it was done well with class.


District Mot restaurant, more art work


Second thing I noticed was the space, so much space….. I could run around the restaurant without disturbing anyone. Ok, that might be a bit extreme, but you got the idea, there was space to leave our monster of a pram (iCandy) next to our table, without having to move every time someone passes our table. I don’t think I have been to a restaurant recently in London with spare space, which was a good surprise.



One of the staff welcomed us with a big smile and showed us to a bigger table with more space for pram etc. And other staff who served us were polite and helpful choosing the dishes. It’s so important to have a good and friendly staff as this is one of the deciding factors whether customers return to the restaurant again or not.



The restaurant is on the main road and there is no dedicated parking area, but you can park on the side roads. There are parking time restrictions and maximum of 2 hours limit. So, Keep that in mind.


Food and drinks:

They had some good selections of food and drinks and the price is about average for London.


Dishes we ordered

Crispy soft-shell crab:

Nicely battered soft shell crab, which was seasoned a little salty to my liking but then again, I eat less salt than others (to be healthy). The texture of the battered crab was really good.


Soft shell crab at District Mot restaurant


Salt, Pepper and Chilli Squid:

Yum Yum. The squid was fried well without being soaked in oil and seasoned well. It was served with chilli and spring onions, great condiments for this dish. I love crispy fried squids, one of my favourite dishes.


Crispy squid dish at District Mot restaurant


Traditional Vietnamese Steamed Rolls:

Steamed rolls filled with a minced pork, Vietnamese ham, salad, cucumber and beansprouts. Served with sweet chilli fish sauce on the side. This might be probably the least favourite dish from the dinner. We don’t normally order pork dishes because I don’t usually like the taste of pork and this dish was under seasoned for my palate. The Vietnamese ham they served as part of the dish wasn’t exactly adding anything to the dish. But I am up for trying new dishes and I am glad I had the opportunity to try it.


Pork rolls at District Mot restaurant


Sizzling beef:

Beef served sizzling on hot cast iron plate with mixed salad and chilli sauce on the side. It’s not a spicy dish but you can add chilli sauce to your preference; the smokey flavours from the cast iron plate combined with the Vietnamese spices, made this beef dish a pleasure to eat.

It was still sizzling when it was served to us and its always exciting to see these sizzling dishes and the aroma we got from the dish made us salivate and all we wanted was to tuck in quickly as possible with some rice to soak up the juices.


Sizzling Beef at District Mot restaurant


Egg fried rice:

Went well with the beef dish we ordered and my daughter’s favourite.


Egg fried rice at District Mot restaurant


For drinks:

They have the standard red, white, sparkling wine, beer etc. I had a glass of red wine and my husband had a cream soda from Colorado, which was fantastic. It was sweet but not overly sickly and tasted good. This is not a Vietnamese product but being brought up in London, this was the first time I had this American brand and I really liked it.


cream soda at District Mot restaurant


My experience with Vietnamese food:

We visited Vietnam in 2014 and we realised then that the flavours and cooking process is different up north in Hanoi and central Hoi An. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to visit South of Vietnam due to a terrible traffic accident.

From my experience, the food up north around Hanoi and Sapa area seem to be simpler and the flavours are on the milder side whereas in Central part of Vietnam around Hoi An area the food is vibrant and spicy and ‘smack you in your face’ flavours. Which is what we love, strong and bold favours 🙂

District Mot restaurant seem to have dishes from all around Vietnam with simple, fresh, mild and spicy dishes, which is amazing, and it will appeal to larger number of people.


District Mot restaurant Name board


I really enjoyed the meal at District Moet, Vietnamese Restaurant in London and I am looking forward to returning soon to try other dishes on the menu.


(This is not a sponsored post.)


Do you have a favourite restaurant in London or anywhere in the world that you would like to visit again? I would love to know why you would visit again, is it because of the unique character, delicious food or the good ambience?


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