Kids Day out at Lee Valley Park Farm

Kids Day out at Lee Valley Park Farm

As a parent of young toddler, farms always seems appealing as it’s educational and fun to watch how the child is interacting with the animals. We decided to take my toddler and my 8 month old baby (then) to Lee Valley Park Farm for a day out.



Lee Valley Park Farm is situated two miles north of Waltham Abbey in Essex and four miles from M25. There are bus stops and a train station (Cheshunt station) about two miles walk from the farm.  Parking at the farm is free, which is great news as you can easily spend a whole day at the farm.


Driving to the farm was fairly pleasant with lost of greenery either side of the roads and the farm’s direction was signposted very well. The entrance to the farm was nicely done and inviting.


We parked up the car at the dedicated car park and as you walk towards the entrance, the first thing you see is the Tex the Tractor and that was enough to get everyone excited.

Farm Truck at Lee Valley Parm

Ticket desk:

The ticket desk is located inside the souvenir shop, which is a clever strategy as the kids are always bound to like something and expect you to buy the items for them, which means extra sale for them.


The entrance fees were £10 per person over 2 years old and child under 2 is free. We had a voucher for one free ticket, which saved us £10. You can also book the tickets in advance to save 10% or go during the week for discounted tickets.


The canteen:

The canteen is also located right next to the ticket desk at the entrance, so we decided to have lunch there before starting our day in the farm. They had small collection of sandwiches and little snack pots in the fridge. As for the hot food, it was quite disappointing to see mostly unhealthy fast food. Considering they have family and kids visiting there, they should consider adding healthy (ish) dishes to their collection.


We bought a sandwich for my husband and a plate combo with chicken nuggets, salad and potato chips for my daughter and me to share. I was disappointed with the quality of food we received. The next time we visit, I would probably take food with me.


The Activities at the farm:

Considering the farm is so close to London, I was surprised to see that the farm is surrounded with so much greenery and land; the place is absolutely huge and you can just spend the day just walking around, sunbathing and chilling.


There were a couple of staples set up for goats and pigs and you can feed them from the food you buy at the ticket desk. The cows, ponies, sheep, rabbits and turkeys can be found outdoor, running around freely behind fences.

Feeding the goats at Lee Valley park farm


Next to the staples, you can find an indoor play area inside a barn, which had soft play section for young kids as well. There was a birthday party when we visited, so we couldn’t go in.


We watched the birds of prey show with owl, hawk and eagle, which was interesting, entertaining and educational. The show was held at the outdoor picnic area where the kids can entertain themselves at the outdoor play area.

Picnic area at Lee Valley Park Farm


As go walk further towards the back of the farm, they had an area called hilltop adventure, which had an amazing picturesque view from the hill. Whilst the adults are soaking up the view, the kids had varieties of area to suit their age; an area full of toy vehicles and a dollhouse for toddlers, the biggest bouncy area for any age (including me) and a gigantic climbing tower for a bigger kids. My 3 year old tried to climb but it was too big for her. I was tempted to try it but I thought I should just let the kids have a go first.

climbing the Giant Tower at Lee Valley park farm


It was a good day out with young kids. My advice would be to go there early to enjoy the activities and to catch all the shows. The price is a bit steep for what was on offer but worth it if you book in advance or have discounted tickets or vouchers.


They could offer more interaction with the fury animals like rabbits where they cold let young kids pet the rabbits etc. we have been to free animals parks where they offered more interaction with the animals.


The canteen/ café needs to improve their quality of menu and serve more healthy food.


Would I go again, yes I would with discounted tickets. Because at the end of the day, the farm was set in a beautiful green land and so many activities for young kids and its worth a visit.


Watch the video below on my Kids Day out at Lee Valley Park Farm.


Have you Been to Lee Valley Park Farm? I would love to know your experience? Or are you consider going and has my blog helped you?


looking forward to your comments 🙂

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