Two Easy Chicken canapés: Same ingredients and Prep

Two Easy Chicken canapés: Same ingredients and Prep

Let me just put it out there, I LOVE CANAPES or small bites, whatever you want to call them. They are small, cute and flavour packed bombshells in a small miniature versions. What’s not to love….

Couple of highlights:

  • These Chicken and Courgette Fritters and savoury muffin canapés / small bites are so delicious and perfect for any parties
  • Or as snacks for kids and even adults.
  • They are seriously tasty
  • So easy to make.
  • Healthy: Hidden vegetables and very little amount of oil


Both the fritters and muffin requires same ingredients and preparation. The only difference is the actual cooking method.

You can make these two items at the same time and serve to your guests or kids. Because they taste different from each other due to the different methods of cooking, your guests might not realise that they have the same ingredients. You get to look good in front of the guests with half the effort and the guests will love you for providing them with delicious meals and for going through all the effort.



Click on the pictures below to be directed to the step-by-step instructions for making these canapés / small bites/ snacks


1) Chicken and Courgette Fritters 

Chicken & Courgette fritters on a tray on a plate


2) Chicken and Courgette Savoury Muffin

Chicken & Courgette Muffin in a hand



Let me know your feedback and comments below. If you have tried these recipes at home, tag me @mamaflosdiary, on your instagram pictures. It will be great to see your version 🙂


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